ElastiSeal BP-300

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ElastiSeal BP-300 is a low VOC, permanently flexible sealant designed to reduce vibrational sound transmission in construction applications. This product remains flexible with a tacky surface and is not intended for applications where the sealant surface remains exposed. The sealant will accommodate the expansion and contraction of differential substrates. ElastiSeal BP-300 is intended for use between wall studs and gypsum wallboard, as well as to adhere polyethylene vapor barriers to walls. Additional soundproofing applications include sheet metal panels, corrugated metal panels, and rigid insulation (except polystyrene). Additional uses for this product include seaming of metal roofing joints, roofing water block mastic, and sealing behind walk-in refrigeration paneling. This product can be used as a permanently flexible waterproofing sealant in most non-exposed applications.

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